My Interview with John Friscia is Now Live at AITS

I’ve been contributing articles as an original member of the AITS Blogging Alliance for three years, so when I wrote “The Data Conversion Cycle: A guide to migrating transactions and other records for system implementation teams,” Editor in Chief John Friscia offered to edit it for me. Aside from a deplorable excess of commas, he seemed pretty happy with my work:

“All in all, you’ve done an exceptionally good job of making this book readable, and by that, I mean I was actually able to understand 90+% of what you were saying. For a book on this subject, that’s no easy feat.”

High praise indeed, from an English major! After the book was published, John asked to interview me. We sent questions and answers by Email, and the finished interview is here.

Thanks for everything, John!

My Interview and Book Review at Project Bliss is Live!

Leigh EspyLeigh Espy and I had a great time, talking for over an hour last week. The original plan was to do an interview over Skype, but we had technical difficulties so we switched to a regular phone call. I was worn out from getting up at 4:30 AM for a conference call, and I was getting somewhat incoherent. But Leigh is a fabulous interviewer and one of the nicest people you could ever meet, so we talked about everything from Sociology to Agile adoption. Since she lives in Memphis, I explained Elvis Presley’s connection to the origin of the ZIP code. We even talked a bit about my book. And then she wrote an article that makes me feel very appreciated!

Leigh is a wonderful writer, with excellent story-telling skills that come through in her articles. I hope you take the time to visit her site, Project Bliss. She also has some great downloads available – I recently used her project scope statement template on a new project. Highly recommended!

The interview is here. Thanks, Leigh!


Join Me at the Conscious Software Development Telesummit

Successfully creating custom software for your organization is incredibly difficult – over 70% of all projects struggle or fail outright. You’ve probably seen some of these all-too-common issues:

  • Deploying late
  • Finishing over budget
  • Missing or buggy features
  • Requirements scope creep
  • Team miscommunication and conflict
  • “Shelfware” that is just not adopted by users
  • Projects not aligned to the organization’s strategy

And software projects can be a headache to hire for, manage, and architect well. But you can you start improving the odds of success, through a combination of awareness and choice.

The Conscious Software Development Telesummit

ConsciousnessJoin me at the Conscious Software Development Telesummit, to be conducted from November 10th through the 21st, 2014. It’s easy to participate: just register for the summit for free, using your EMail. You’ll be able to download and listen to interviews conducted with more than twenty experts on software, team relations, strategy, project management, deployment and more. You’ll discover things that you don’t know that you don’t know about creating successful projects, building teams, and managing your software portfolio. This elite group of software superstars, best selling authors, popular podcasters, outstanding bloggers, and celebrity coaches are imparting decades of experience, wisdom, and some very generous free resources to help you begin making progress immediately.

This unique panel of experts is all unified under one vision; to empower you with practical understanding of how you can put their knowledge to use, bring consciousness to your software challenges and transform your work for the better. The subject of my interview, “The Zombie Apocalypse is Not an HR Product: How to Hire, Retain, and Develop the Living,” is just one topic among many designed for the IT manager and practitioner. Browse the list of speakers, and you’ll see many familiar names from my weekly round-ups.

Listen Offline!

You can listen to these MP3 interview recordings whenever and wherever you have the  time. Join other leading CIOs, VPs of Development, project managers, architects, stakeholders, end user champions, and all those want to bring more awareness and choice to the complex art of software creation. And I’m not just one of the speakers – I plan to listen to every one of these interviews!